Inurnment of Cremated Remains

To accommodate current Catholic Church discipline and practice, St. Mary’s Cemetery offers several options for the respectful disposition and memorialization of cremated remains. The Catholic Church insists that cremated remains be treated with the same dignity and respect as the human body, hence division or scattering of cremated remains in not allowed.

Cremated remains may be interred in an urn in an existing grave. The fee is $950 on weekdays and $1,300 on Saturday. This includes an urn vault.

Single and double niches for cremated remains are available in the community mausoleums. They range in price from $600 to $3,200 and offered with glass or marble fronts. The cost to entomb cremated remains in the mausoleum niches is $500 on weekdays and $850 on Saturdays. Inscription of the marble front of the niche is $365. Glass-fronted niches are not etched and urns used therein must be approved in advance.

A price reduction is available if a second set of cremated remains is placed in a grave or niche at the same time as the first. Please see the fee schedule for details.

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